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October 6Our Loving Arms & Hands Are God’s First Instruments of Blessing – This week we start a five-week series on what it looks like to be a church that welcomes and blesses children, and we explore how Jesus himself received the gift of loving arms from his parents and others.  One Christian has called our families are “first schools” in the way of Jesus.  This month we are encouraging each family to bless one child.  Who will you seek to bless this month?

August 18The Exact Right Thing to Do – Nehemiah 1 – What do we do with our pain?  That’s one of the most important questions any of us faces in life.  It is also an essential question for us as a culture right now.  In this week’s sermon, we explore how Nehemiah is able to take his pain and use it NOT for harm, but for good – allowing God to transform his pain into an experience and actions that build community and allow others to experience life.  Click here to read this week’s sermon.

July 28Created to Care – Genesis 18 – In their book Healing the Eight Stages of Life, three teachers talk about the tension most adults face, especially as they get deeper into life.  That tension is between living a life of “generativity” vs. a life of “stagnation.”  This story about Abraham advocating on behalf of others reminds us that we too are called to work on behalf of others.  In fact, the best way to get “unstuck” in life is to engage more deeply in acts of caring – for others, for ourselves, and for the world around us.  Click here to read this week’s sermon.

April 18 – Maundy Thursday Meditation – click here.

March 17

Download the sermon and listen.

March 10 – Baptism of Zeke Mannering – “When Israel Was a Child” – Deut. 10:12-22

Deeply embedded in the story of God’s work with His people Israel is the story of God as a parent to Israel.  From the book of Deuteronomy, we can see God’s parental heart at work.  This sermon is for all who feel themselves called to mentor and guide another.  Click here to read the message. Download the sermon and listen.

Ash Wednesday – Joel’s Plea to Remove the Barnacles from Our Hearts – Joel 2:1-2, 12-17

Click here to read the Ash Wednesday message on how our hardest work is to address the places of unfreedom in ourselves, turning our attention away from blaming others to letting God get into our own places of anger and self-righteousness to unearth new life.

February 17 – Life Lessons from Moses – Exodus 2:16-3:4

Click here to read this week’s sermon.  What do you do when you’re life has come off the rails?  Maybe it’s something small, or maybe it’s something big.  The pattern of Moses’ life gives us some lessons to guide us in these moments.  Take heart.  You are not alone, and there is hope for all … no matter where you are or how far you’ve wandered.

February 10 – Empty Nets, Bodies in the Sand & Truly New Life – Exodus 2:11-15

Click here to read.  What happens when our life comes apart?  How do we deal with loss and failure?  The story of Exodus is a story of redemption, and redemption begins when we allow our own lives to be healed, forgiven and redeemed.

– 2018 –

December 2 – An Interrupting Hope – Lk. 1:5-17

Click here to read.  Life does not always work out like we want.  In fact, life is bound to give us moments of deep sadness as we see our hopes deferred or unrealized.  Faith is holding onto the hope that God sees us in our barren state and will bring forth that which we yearn and long.

November 4

Click here to listen.

September 23 – Loving Like Jesus Means Loving the Least of These – Mk. 9:30-37

Click here to listen. – What does it look like to be great?  Jesus radically redefines greatness as our willingness to embrace and empower the hurting, marginalized and the weak in our midst.  We want to be a congregation that is here to make the community around us better, not ourselves.

September 16 – “Here to love like Jesus, live like Jesus, and serve like Jesus” – Mt. 4:23-25

Click here to listen.

Christianity is – at its core – about the good news of Jesus being there for us and with us.  Where do we see Christ at work, and how can we get back to what is most important?  This past Sunday, Pastor Wes invited us to let our relationship with Jesus give us the energy we need to serve.

September 9 – small church.  BIG HEARTS.  – Matthew 14:13-21

Click here to listen.

As a church family, we’ve committed to doing a lot together.  The question is, where do we find the strength to do the ministry we feel called to do.

September 2 – Stretching Exercises

Click here to listen.

August 26

A Family of Believers:  The Way of Jesus (click here to listen).  What do we mean that we say in believe in Jesus as our Lord?  Part of that means we are committed to following the example Jesus sets for us in his actions, thoughts, and behaviors.  Check out this week’s sermon on how Jesus shows a commitment to (1) the conversation, (2) to pleasing God, and (3) to building up the Kingdom of God (sermon text).

August 19

A Family of Believers:  Clinging to the Good News (click here to listen).  Ours is a time of confusion, doubt, and nay-saying.  So, what does it mean to say we are a “family of believers“?  Believers in what?  And how do we keep ourselves full of hope and trust?  Check out this week’s sermon (sermon text).

August 12

Our Four Family Truths (click here to listen).  “Family” is a bold word.  It is a counter-cultural word.  It invites us to live in connection with others in a deeper way.  Check out these four family “truths” from Romans 12:3-8 and how they apply to us as a church family and your own family (sermon text).

August 5

Family: We Make It By Committing – This Sunday we continued looking at our desire to be a welcoming family of believers by exploring the story of Ruth’s commitment to Naomi, and how we too are called to make such life-long commitments in a topsy-turvy world.  Read the sermon here.

July 29

Moving from “Welcoming” to “Wanting” – The first in our series looking at our desire to be a “welcoming family of believers.”  The first step includes moving from saying we are welcoming on paper to being a congregation that truly wants the best for our neighbors and for those who walk through our doors.  The story of King David and Mephibosheth pushes us out to be extremely welcoming in our actions towards others.  Click here to read this week’s sermon.

July 8
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July 1
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June 24
Courageously Loving.

June 17
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June 10
He Takes the Time

June 3
The One Voice in the Swirling Chaos – Galatians 1:6-10 and Children’s Message

May 13
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May 6
Sermon and Children’s Message.

April 22
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April 8
Priority #1 – Stabilize the Patient – Click here to read the sermon

April 1
Easter Sunday – Who Will Roll Away Your Stone? – click here to read the sermon. Click here to listen.

March 25
John 13:21-30 – “Lord, Who Is It?”  To read the sermon, click here.

March 4
God Looks Upon You with Delight

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