You were meant to experience life and health and freedom.

So, why does so much of our life and our culture seem like it is driving 100 mph in the exact opposite direction?

Why so much isolation?  Why so much addiction?  Why so much abuse?

We’re not claiming to have the answers ourselves.  But, we do believe we’ve found a way back to what is truly life-giving.  We believe in the way of Jesus.  We believe this in two ways.  One, we believe that Jesus’ life is – in itself – the cure.  We believe that the reality of life – even with all of its great beauty, truth, justice and charm – there is also something deeply broken.  There is something like a spiritual virus that has woven itself not only into the very intricacies of our DNA, but into the whole fabric of the cosmos.  And that something needs to be healed.  

In ways we don’t fully understand, we believe that the person of Jesus is God’s antidote for healing and for redemption.  We hold on in faith and hope and love that Jesus is making all things new.  Including you.  Including your family.  Including our politics.  And economics.  And the environment.  All of it.

Two, we believe the way of Jesus is our best map for what it looks like to move out of bondage and into life.  Though we are not perfect, we have made promises to God and to each other to try to follow this way … to LOVE like Jesus, LIVE like Jesus, and SERVE like Jesus.  Make no mistake.  This is not easy.  

True growth requires real honesty.  It means having to say “sorry” when we don’t want to.  It means seeking to bless someone else (even our enemies) when we’ve been trained to satisfy our own desires.  

But, we’ve also found this to be true.  The way of Jesus truly is life-giving.  It is full of paradox, but a wonderful paradox.  When we serve, we feel blessed.  When we stop chasing our “best life” and start living for others, we find our real life.  And when we give up on the gods of this culture, we find all that we need … the God who loves us unconditionally and is passionately committed to our healing and growth.

Check out these other options in this tab.  We hope they will help you start back towards the ways of peace, justice, kindness, freedom, and great joy … yes … joy most of all!

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