Children’s Ministry

Does GPC have anything for children?

Yes.  Children’s Time … and more. 

Our journey with God doesn’t begin when we reach a certain age.  There is never a moment in our life when we are not in relationship with God.  The goal is to help us come alive and become more deeply aware of God’s love for us and God’s will for our lives.

That’s why at GPC, we want to include our children as part of our worshiping and learning community.  Every Sunday, children are invited to come forward in worship to receive a lesson from our pastor or a church member.  

As we continue to re-emerge from the COVID pandemic, we will also start re-introducing other parts of our Christian education rhythms.

For families interested in spiritual formation for their kids, be on the lookout for a gathering in early December to discuss and name our hopes.  We will also be lifting up opportunities for baptism, dedication Sundays and first communion here during the winter time.

Vacation Bible School, Pyoca & more … 

Learning what it looks like to follow the ways of Jesus takes time, and it takes more than Sunday mornings.  We try to offer other opportunities for your children to grow in the ways of grace, strength, truth, and greater freedom in Jesus’ name.  Vacation Bible School and Pyoca are two great ways for your kids to keep growing in their faith journey.  Want to know more?  Just fill out this form:

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