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The Two Voices within you:  duty vs. creativity

Thursday, March 17th, 2022

First off, happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Here’s to a message about radical love for others.  For those who don’t know, St. Patrick was born to a wealthy English family only to be captured and put into slavery in Ireland, finding himself subjected to a life he would never choose and that was deeply painful.  However, upon escaping his terrible situation and fleeing back to his native land (naked! … or so they say out of his desperation to get out of there), Patrick had a realization.  Better to call it a revelation.  He knew his call was to go back and love on the Irish people.  So, that’s what he did, becoming the patron saint of Ireland … loving a people who hurt him, showing grace to those who had once enslaved him.  Now, that’s beautiful and a great reminder of the overwhelming love we’re called to share with others.

As we celebrate this day, I’m reminded of another conversation I had yesterday.  It was all about the difference between the dutiful and the creative “child” or “voice” within us, and today I want to encourage you to embrace that creative self within you.

So often in life, many of us tend to err towards being the responsible one.  We want to make sure we are attending to our duties, our responsibilities.  But, often, that means we neglect the chance to be creative and courageous out there.

Is there some inkling you have right now to get creative or courageous.  Hey!  Go follow it.  Live into the way of Jesus and the way of St. Patrick by showing up and being present to the places of real engagement with risk, danger, and – ultimately – offering radical love to others.


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