Spiritual Exercises

Seeking to become more like Jesus

one day at a time.

one week at a time.

This week’s focus & prayer: Enjoying Intimacy of Prayer

Loving God, help me to experience deeper intimacy in our time together this week that will lead to greater trust in you.

“All of us must cling to God through prayer. My secret is simple: I pray. Through prayer I become one in love with Christ. I realize that praying to him is loving him … In the silence of the heart God will speak.” – Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Read Luke 11:1-13 (“Lord, teach us to pray”)

Say the Lord’s Prayer out loud to yourself three times, doing so thoughtfully each time. What words speak to you today? Which part of the prayer seems most relevant to your life today? What do you need from God? Be honest, be bold!

“Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done …”


Read Isaiah 55:1-13 (“Incline your ear and come to me …”)

See if you can spend five minutes in complete stillness at some point today. Try early in your morning or at midday. Simply let your feet rest on the floor, relax your neck and shoulders and allow your hands to lay flat on the top of your legs. Just spend the time quietly listening and noticing your breath. See if you can listen to what you are feeling, desiring and experiencing. How do you sense God in this moment?


Read Psalm 63:1-8 (“My soul thirsts for you”)

What have you been desiring this past week? Friendship? Encouragement? Recognition? It’s been said the things we are yearning for are actually invitations into deeper prayer. Often, though, what we do is go looking for those things in this world rather than taking our requests to God – seeking human companionship or praise or recognition.

Spend some time sharing with God what you are thirsty for as we move towards Thanskgiving.


Read Psalm 103 (“Bless the Lord, O my soul”)

Today will likely be busy in different ways for us. See if you can find some time early in the morning or before your house gets too busy. Just spend some time reflecting on God’s goodness towards you. Allow yourself to rest in God’s presence as you do so. It might help to find a very comfortable chair, a quiet place in your house, or even go for a walk outside as you give thanks for God’s goodness towards you.


Read Romans 8:26-27

Prayer can be a struggle sometimes. Sometimes we don’t know what to pray. Sometimes we may not feel like praying or that we have words this particular day. That’s okay. Paul’s encouragement in Romans 8 is that we don’t always have to have words. The Holy Spirit intervenes and prayers for us, dwelling deeply in our interior.

Ask yourself where you feel weak in your life right now. Allow yourself to hear the good news that the Spirit groans for us in these places and lifts up a prayer to God in our weakness.


Review the week. If there was a prayer or passage that was particularly meaningful or encouraging to you, return to it.

Close by reading Ephesians 3:14-21 and ask yourself where you could use God’s power at work in your life right now.

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