Spiritual Exercises

Seeking to become more like Jesus

one day at a time.

one week at a time.

Going forward in faith, hope and love –
longing to serve God and others.

This week’s focus & prayer:

As we go forward in the power and love of Jesus Christ, we take time to reflect upon the commitments we’ve made to God and the ways we have felt God’s love for us. We pray for wisdom and courage as I make and honor my commitment to love and follow Jesus. We pray for a deep awareness of God’s gifts to us in this moment so that we can passionately live for the Kingdom of God.

What gifts has God given me during this time?

How has my life as a Christian been strengthened or grown during this time?

Do I feel the need to make any significant decisions right now – either something I sense God calling me to say “yes” to or something to say “no” to?

Where do I sense opportunities to build into and live in Christian community?

Thanks God for so many gifts

“I will call back into my mind all the gifts I have received – from both this spiritual exercise group and in general in my life. I will ponder with deep affection how much God our Lord has done for me, and how much he has given me in both love and in material gifts. I will remember that Jesus continues to offer me his best gift: his friendship and guidance as my Teacher and Lord.

“I will use this time to offer myself again to God and think upon this prayer:

Take, Lord, and receive all I give to you today – my freedom, my memory, my understanding, my desires, and all of my will – all that I have and possess. You, Lord, have given all that to me. I now give it back to you, O Lord.

All of it is yours. Use my life and my gifts in whatever way is best fitting for you and for your purposes. Give me that deep love for you that arises out of the richness of my own life because of your grace and forgiveness. That’s all I need. That’s all I ask.


Finding God in all things, in all people, and in myself.

“I will consider how God surrounds us with so many gifts – including the immeasurable richness of love and community from those who share our Christian journey with us. I will take time to consider how amazing is God’s creation, and all that God has surrounded me with in birds and animals and air and beauty and space and forests.

“Finally, I will consider the gifts God has given me and placed within me to share with the world. I will celebrate God’s power in me that spurs me on to love and serve others in my own, unique way.”


Praising God who constantly labors for me

“I will consider how God labors and works for me in all ways – seeking out my own salvation and sanctification in the ways of Jesus. I will remember that Jesus is my Good Shepherd, the faithful gardener, and the loving Father who welcomes me home over and over again. I will reflect upon just how much God has done to show forth God’s glory in my life, reflecting especially upon moments of great beauty, stillness, peace, joy and hope that arise in my heart because of a particularly great trip, particularly great moment of love with my spouse, particularly in a beautiful moment out in the woods or evening on the porch.”


Praising God who is the source of all goodness

“I will consider how all good things and gifts descend from above, falling out of the hand of the loving Father, who spills goodness upon us in our lives. I will take time to name out loud or to write down all the gifts that I see coming from my Jesus who loves me so. I will spend time just savoring all the good things I see in this world and in this life.”

Notice too were there are still places of deep need, and invite the powerful work of God in Jesus to fall upon those places like water falling upon the earth.


Finding God in all things (repeat)

“Once more with the eyes of faith, we realize the depth of God’s goodness in our world and in our lives. We begin to understand how much of heaven is here on earth. God is with us. Ask: how have I encountered God dwelling in me, in others, and in creation? Be very concrete. You may consider praying outdoors in nature. If helpful, revisit Psalm 104 from earlier in the retreat.”


Savor the Graces!

Do something today to celebrate the journey! Go out to dinner with friends, take a nice walk, or simply enjoy the day with your family and friends!

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